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The IGNOU-SSC at Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara

Bharata Mata College is a first grade arts and science co-educational institution in the aided sector owned and managed by the Archdiocese of Ernakulam Angamaly. Since its establishment in 1965 Bharata Mata College is catering to the higher educational aspirations of the society. The college is included under section 2(f) and 12(b) of UGC Act in 1976 and is a nationally accredited first grade college with 15 undergraduate and 3 post-graduate programmes, 2 professional programmes, 3 research centres and an off-campus centre The excellent infrastructural and teaching facilities in the college help to maintain high standards in curricular and co-curricular spheres of the institution.

Taking into account the pivotal role played by the college in the promotion of higher education in Kerala, the IGNOU has recently established a Special Study Centre in Bharata Mata College. Though IGNOU has many Programme Study Centres / Regular Study Centres in various institutions, it has only a few Special Study Centres in Kerala, and Bharata Mata College has become a prominent Special Study Centre of IGNOU. The classes at this centre are handled by highly qualified experts in the respective areas.

At this centre classes are arranged on Sundays  from 10:30 a.m  to  3:30 p.m. for the convenience of executives and other employees in various industries


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has continuously striven to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. It has tried to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by offering high-quality teaching through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode.

Today, IGNOU serves the educational aspirations of over 4 million students in India and 36 other countries through 21 Schools of Studies and a network of 67 regional centres, around 3,000 learner support centres and 67 overseas centres. The University offers about 490 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes, with a strength of nearly 420 faculty members and academic staff at the headquarters and regional centres and about 36,000 academic counsellors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professional organisations, and industry among others. The Indira Gandhi National Open University, the National Resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning, with international recognition and presence, shall provide seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality education, skill upgradation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuring convergence of existing systems for large-scale human resource development, required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding. With the launch of EduSat (a satellite dedicated only to education) on 20th September, 2004, and the establishment of the Inter-University Consortium, the University has ushered in a new era of technology-enabled education in the country. Today, there are 134 active two-way video-conferencing centres; all the regional centres and high enrollment study centres have been provided with network connectivity, which has made it possible to transact interactive digital content.


IGNOU admissions are generally in two cycles, i.e. January-July cycles. Notifications are issued in leading national and regional dailies during April-May for July admissions and August-September for January admissions. Detailed information and application forms are available on the IGNOU website at www.ignou.ac.in.

For admissions and other related matters contact

  • The IGNOU Regional Centre, Kaloor, Kochi-682 017.
  • Website : www.ignourckochi14.net


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Bharata Mata College is committed to the highest standards of educational and other provision for its students, and encourages students to provide the Institute with thoughtful and constructive feedback.

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