Faculty Details

Dr. K. V. Thomas

Associate Professor
Department : Mathematics Qualification : MSc, Ph.D Phone : 0485-2260148 Mobile : 9446275722 Email : kvtbmc@gmail.com Date of Birth : 30-05-1968 Date of Joining : 03-12-1996



Sl. No Course Institution Period Rank or Grade

BSc Mathematics

Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha 1985-88   First Class
2  MSc Mathematics St. Stephen’s College, Delhi  1988-90  First Class
 3  PhD Mathematics  University of Delhi  1991-97

Area of Specialization / Research Interests:


Applications of Fuzzy Sets in Algebra, Rough Sets, Intuitionistic fuzzy sets  and Lattice Matrices


Research Publication:
Sl.No Publication Publication Year
1    Quasinormality and fuzzy normality Fuzzy Sets and Systems Vol.58  217-


2 The Lattices of fuzzy subgroups and fuzzy normal subgroups, Information Science, Vol.76,1-11. 1994
3 Fuzzy Lattices, Information Science, Vol.79 271-291 1994
4 A complete study of the lattices of fuzzy congruences and fuzzy normal subgroups, Information Science, Vol.82, 197-218. 1995
 5 The lattices of fuzzy ideals of a ring, Fuzzy Sets and Systems Vol.74 , 371-379. 1995
 6 The join of fuzzy algebraic substructures of a group and their         lattices, Fuzzy Sets and Systems Vol.99, 213-224 1998
 7. A new blue print for fuzzification: application to lattices of fuzzy    congruences, Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, Vol.7, 499-512. 1999
 8 Fuzzy Lattices- I, Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, Vol.10 No.2,255-274. 2002
9 Fuzzy Lattices- II, Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, Vol.10 No.2 275-296. 2002
10 Quotient of ideals of an intuitionistic fuzzy lattice,   Advances in fuzzy systems vol.2010 article ID 781672, 8 pages  2010
11 Rough Intuitionistic fuzzy sets in a lattice, International mathematical Forum. Vol6. ,1327-1335 2011
 12 Rough fuzzy ideals in a lattice, International  Journal of  Fuzzy systems and Rough systems. 4(1) June 2011 pp 57-62 Vol6. ,1327-1335 2011
13 Rough ideals in a lattice. International Journal of Mathematics and Applied statistics. Vol.2, no.2,  July-Dec, pp 95-113. 2011
14 Interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy lattice and ideals. Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics, Vol 6, no. 3, pp 333-345. 2011
15 Intuitionistic L- Fuzzy Subrings International Mathematical Forum Vol. 6,  No.52, 2561-2572  2011
16 Intuitionistic  Fuzzy    Sublattices    and    Ideals  Fuzzy Information and Engineering. Vol.3  no.3 ,  pp 321-331. 2011
17 Intuitionistic Fuzzy  Equivalences and Congruences    of   a  lattice, International journal of fuzzy mathematics Vol 20.no 3  2012
18  Operations on intuitionistic fuzzy   ideals of a   lattice, International  Journal of fuzzy mathematics Vol 20.no 2. 2012
19 Intuitionistic L-fuzzy rings, Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, Vol.12 2012
20 Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy congruence on a ring, Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Vol. 19, , No. 1, 7–20. 2013
22 Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy ideals and  congruence of a ring, Bharata Mata Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies Vol.I ,Issue II,28-40. 2014
21  Interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy ideals of a ring, Advances in Fuzzy Sets and systems,nNo.1.,49-82 2014
22 On Isomorphism of L-fuzzy Graphs, , Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics Volume x, No. x, (Month 201y), pp. 1–xx 2015
23 The Strong Product of L-Fuzzy Graphs, Bulletion of Kerala Association,Vol.13,No.1,15-27  2016
24 A Study on Characteristic Roots of Lattice Matrices Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Journal of Mathematics Volume 2016, Article ID 3964351, 8 pages  2016

Details of Workshops/ Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposia Attended/ Papers Presented / Talks Given:

Title of the seminar/
conference etc.
Invited /
Dates Inter-national/ National/
Title of the Paper


Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Technology Participated Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology 11-13 March,2005  National Seminar
2 Recent Trends in Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics Participated Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara 10-12, Nov,2005 National Conference
3 Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics and their Applications in Engineering and Technology Participated Federal Institute of Science and Technology 22-02-2007 to 24-03-2007. National Seminar
4 Graph Theory and Functional Analysis Participated St.Pauls college, Kalamaserry 8th Sept 2007  State Seminar
5 One day Seminar Resource Person Pavanathma  College, Murriaccery, Idduki. 5th Oct.2007. Fuzzy Mathematics
6  Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms Participated M.A. College, Kothamanglam 07 and 8 Dec 2007  National Workshop
7 One day Seminar  Resource Person Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha 25th Nov.2008  One Day Seminar Fuzzy Set and its Applications
8 Quality Assurance on Higher education on organised by National Assessment Participated New Man College,Thodupuzha 21 st March 2009  National Workshop
9 On Social Outreach Programmes on organised by Internal Quality Assurance Cell Participated St. Pauls College, Kalamassery , Kerala 13 July  2009  National  Seminar
10 Recent Trends in Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics Participated UC College, Aluva Nov.19-21,2009 National  Seminar
11   Workshop on Mathematics Resource person Viswajyothi  College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam 30th Dec.2009 One Day Seminar Fuzzy Set and its Applications
12  Mathematics for Computer Science Participated Bharata Mata College Jan 07-09, 2010 National Seminar
13 Fuzzy sets and its Applications Resource person Newman college, Thodupuzha 18-1-2011 Regional Seminar Fuzzy sets and its Applications
14 New Trends in Applications of Mathematics Participated Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara, Jan 31, Feb 01-02, 2011   International    Seminar
15  Fuzzy Logic and its Applications Resource person K.E. College, Manannam, Kerala 27-29 Sept 2011. National Seminar Fuzzy Groups
16 On Recent Trends in Fuzzy Mathematics and their Applications Participated Newman College 22 -23 Sept, 2011. National Seminar
17 Application of fuzzy sets  Resource Person Cochin college, Edakochi 21-2-2011  One day Seminar Fuzzy sets
18  Fuzzy Mathematics, Topology and Cryptography Resource Person Department of Mathematics St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulum June 23 2012. One Day Seminar Fuzzy Mathematics
19 New perspective in mathematical Theory of Computer Science  Resource Person Sacred Heart College, Cochin 13 th to 15 of Dec 2012.  National Seminar Rough Sets-An Application to Lattice Theory
20 Perspectives in higher Education Participated Newman College Thodupuzha 29-30 Oct 2012  Conference
21  Discrete  and Fuzzy Mathematics Participated FISAT    July 15-17, 2013 National Seminar
22 Inauguration of Mathematics Association & One day Seminar Resource Person Nirmala College,  Muvvatupuzha  Aug,16,2014  One day Seminar Rough  Sets
23 Inauguration of Mathematics Association activities Resource Person St. Josephs College, Moolamattom , Idukki (Dt)  Sept, 04, 2014.  One Day Fuzzy Sets
24 Abstract Algebra and its  Applications


Resource person Dept. of Mathematics, MES College, Nedumkandam ,Kerala 13th Jan  12-14, 2015 National Seminar
25 Recent Trends in Applicable    Mathematics Participated Department of Mathematics, Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara Sept 18-20, 2014 National Conference
26 Queues and Graphs Participated St. Peter’s College,  Dept. of Mathematics Kolenchery 07-01-2015. International Seminar
27 U.G Carriculam Restructuring in mathematics Participated Nirmala college Muvvattupuzha, 2016  21-10-2016  Workshop


International /National/ State – Level Workshops /Conference Organized:

Sl.No Title of the seminar/ conference etc. Funding Agency Venue/Agency Dates International/ National/ Regional


 Enrichment Programmes in Number Theory & Cryptography  Department  Bharata College 27-,28 September & 06 October 2013  Regional

Positions held or holding if any:

Sl.No Position Year
1 Co-ordinator of UGC 2000-2010
2 College union Staff advisor 1999,2004,2006
3 NSS co-ordinator 2005
4 Internal Assessment Co-ordinator  2010
5 IQAC Coordinator 2012-14
6 NAAC co-ordinator 2011-2014,2016
7 Recognized as Research Guides. w.e.f  July 2006
8 Convenor of the Vigilance squad of M.G  University Examinations 2015
9 Member of the Inspection commission for the sanctioning of new courses of M.G university 2016

Referee of two international Journals: (i) Fuzzy sets & Systems   (ii) Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics

11  External Subject Expert of Maharajas College Syllabus  2015-16
12  Vice Principal (Academic)  w.e.f. 2016


Research Projects:

Minor Projects:
Sl.No Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount Period Co-investigators
1 Lattices of Fuzzy  Algebraic Structures  UGC 50000 2004-06 Nil.
 Fuzzy Lattices  UGC 1,1500 2010-12 Nil


Courses attended for Professional Developments:

Sl.No Name of the Course Organizing institute Period
1 Orientation Course in Multidiscipline Academic staff College,  university of Kerala 24-06-2000 to 21-07-2000
2 Refresher Course in Mathematics from Academic staff College,  university of Kerala 16-02-2004 to 08-03-2004.
3 Refresher Course in Mathematics Academic Staff College 14-02-2006 to 06-03-2006



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