Department of Taxation and Marketing

Courses offered

B.COM (FINANACE & TAXATION) MODEL 1 (Self Financing) ( 2 Batches)

About us. The Taxation department was initiated in the year 2002.It has a student strength of 70 in each class. During the year 2012, to cater to the needs of more applicants,an additional batch was started. Now the intake of students as per the university portal is 134 students every year, totalling to 402 students, consecutively in first, second and third year. As it is a self-financing department, 50% of the seats are filled by university and 50% by the management.


The marketing department was initiated in the year 2013. It has a student strength of 50 in each class, consisting a total of 150 students. This makes the total student strength of this department to 552.


  • The greatest strength of this department is its team work. Teachers and students work together to take the department to greater heights.
  • The department thinks that imparting knowledge and imparting values much go hand in hand. Hence an effort is been made by each teacher in the overall development of students.
  • The teachers are always willing to spend time with the students and toprovide care, guidance and helping hand.
  • The Taxation department has exemplary results in academics. The Department with most no.of. A’s in the college.
  • The department Organises various events with a touch of novelty.
  • The Departments outreach programme “I can make a difference “ (Aid to cancer patients-Every month Rs 24,000 is distributed among the deserving patients.) was appreciated and the student coordinator was honoured in the last years college jubilee programme.
  • All the students in Tax, Batch 1&2 and Marketing join their hands to organise events.
  • Strive for perfection in tasks assigned.
  • The department givestop priority to Discipline and academics.
  • The department maintains cordial relationship with parents.
  • Lecture
  • Inquiry – based learning (Seeking answers through asking challenging questions)
  • Problem based learning (Case studies)
  • Discussions
  • Power point presentations by teachers and students
  • Assignments
  • Tutorial (Peer teaching)
  • Construction of lecture summaries by students
  • Internal & external exams
  • Audio sessions
  • Guided Lecture
  • WIZCOM - Scholastic education alone does not  develop a personality. Hence, the department provides a platform, where, the students can unravel their latent potentials to develop in to holistic individuals.Wizcom is a one day event ,with a formal function , followed by various cultural events and competitions of students. Initiated in the year 2005, it started as a 2 day inter collegiate fest. Now it is limited to taxation & marketing department alone.
  • Meals on wheels: it is a charitable program, hosted by the self-financing B.Com Departments in this college. Students contribute Rs 40 per month and eachmonth, an amount of Rs 20,000, is handed over to karuyanavarsham trust, in order to provide meals for the needy at Cooperative Hospital, Kalamassery. Whenever possible, on every Wednesday, the students and teachers go to the hospital and work as volunteers in serving meal to them.The Department head acts as the coordinator for the same.
  • National seminar – Every year Department organises a national seminar, with the intention to give students an exposure to the research field.
  • I can make a difference: Initiated in the year, 2014-15, it is a noble mission of this department. its main aim is to bring the students together, and collectively make them reach out to those people in the society who are physically and financially weak and make them realise that helping such people is their duty and not a show of charity. Every month an amount of Rs 24,000 is given to deserving cancer patients. This program acclaimed much appreciation from the college community and last year, the student coordinator was honoured in the jubilee celebrations. To give a propaganda to this programme, various activities are organised, which includes, bike rally. Cycle rally, visits to palliative care units and talks by eminent doctors in this field.
  • The highest no of A ‘s.
  • Active participation of students in various activities:
Football : 4 students in college team Basketball : 5 students in college team Cricket : 2 students in college team
4 students. (Includes “The best cadet of the year”)
The core team consists of 6 students from the Department


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