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The Department of Mathematics started functioning from the very inception of the college. Degree course in Mathematics was started in 1978, M Sc Mathematics in 1995 and Research centre in 2006.The retired teachers are Prof. P. D. Ouseph, Dr .K.T. Jose, Dr. B. V. Baby, Dr. M. K. Augustine, Dr. Sr. Sophiamma Issac, Dr. Sr. Tessy kurian and Prof. James George K. There are 8 faculty members in the Department of which 7 hold Ph D and 3 have M Phil in Mathematics. To our great reputation there are 87 research publications by the faculty members in national/international journals. Thrust area of the research is Fuzzy Algebra, fuzzy Topology, Graph Theory and Fluid Dynamics.


  1. Family up liftment Programme: Identified 10 deserving poor families and give monthly support for their daily needs like grocery, rice etc.
  2. The teachers sponsor the whole expense of the study of financially weak students of the Department.
  3. Established a Cash prize of Rs. 2500 for the best outgoing student of the Department.
  4. Research Department with three Research Guides and 14 Ph D Students.
  5. 5% of Faculty members are Ph D Holders (7/8). 3 of them posses M phil.
  6. Continuously maintain a personal relationship between the teachers and the students and also a cordial relationship with old students. As a result old students gather here batch wise and visit the Department personally when they come for holidays.
  7. To strengthen the cordial relationship among the faculty members we conduct department one day tour in every year.
  8. The faculty who is the class in charge of the first year will continue till final year. It helps the teacher to know them in person and provide timely guidance so that they may be enriched in their studies as well as high morale. Through this we are able to reach out their family also.
  9. As a part of giving due importance to research, UGC Minor Projects are under taken by the faculty members and 9 Minor Research Projects were completed and Each student of PG and UG submit a project report.
  10. Faculty members play an important role in the smooth running of college activities by shouldering the responsibilities like Additional Chief Superintend of University examinations, the college-Admission in charge, NAAC Coordinator, IQAC Coordinator, UGC Coordinator, Campus Ministry Secretary, Preparation of the salary arrears bill, income tax return etc. of the faculty members and quarterly return submission,
  1. Completes the syllabus in time by taking special classes.
  2. Remedial coaching to weak students and advance coaching to outstanding students are given regularly.
  3. Discussion of the students in small groups in the presence of teachers.
  4. Enrichment programme by faculty members once in a semester.
  5. Seminars are taken by students , both UG and PG.
  6. For each Module the P G students have internal examination and if time permits. there will be model examination( That is 4 Exams per paper).
  7. Regular assignments and periodical test papers.
  8. Giving class notes prepared by faculty members.
  9. giving previous years question papers analysis.
Mathematics association Presents an excellent performance. Usually second year students are in charge of the association. The association secretary is from 2nd D C mathematics and association in charge is the teacher in charge of these students.The programmes are planned in the beginning by the executive committee includes 5 student members. With the consent of teacher in charge and others, it will be executed in proper time.
  • Welcome to the freshers
  • Congratulating the A+ and A  holders
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Arrange classes by eminent Mathematicians
  • Onam celebrations with programmes and Sadhya
  • Visiting and giving financial assistance to differentially abled group, poor homes and such institutions
  • Manuscript Magazine by students in every year
  • Celebrating National mathematics day ( 22-12-2016) by conducting Mathematics fest for students with inter departmental competitions, Intercollegiate mathematics Quiz etc.
  • Celebrating Christmas with gift exchange to X‘mas friend selected in the presence of teachers, cake cutting, Making X’mas crib, Carol singing etc.
  • Arrange farewell programmeto the outgoing students.
  • Winners with remarkable achievements are acknowledged and honoured.

Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops organized By the Department of Mathematics

Nature No.  of Semin ars Sl. No. Name of the conference Name of the convenor Name of the funding Agency Date& Year
National 3   i National Conference on Recent Trends in Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics                                ( in association with KMA) Dr. Paul Isaac DST, NBHM (DAE) and CSIR November, 10-12, 2005
ii National Seminar on Mathematics for Computer Science                                          ( in association with KMA) Dr. Paul Isaac DST, NBHM (DAE) and CSIR January, 07-09, 2010
iii National Conference on Recent Trends in Applicable Mathematics                                ( in association with KMA) Dr. M. V. Rosa UGC September, 18-20, 2014
International 1 i New Trends in Applications of Mathematics                                ( in association with KMA) Dr. Thomas Joseph CSO(Central Statistical Office), New Delhi January31& February 1-2, 2011
Regional 1 i Enrichment programme in Number Theory & Cryptography Dr. K. V. Thomas Dept. Of Mathematics, BMC. 27th, 28th September & 5th October 2013

Students Enrichment Programmes with external experts

Sl. No.   Topic Name of the expert Date
1 Foundation of Mathematics Dr. T. Thrivikraman, CUSAT Jan 15, 2005
2 Dihedral Groups and Symmetry Dr. T. Thrivikraman, CUSAT Feb 9, 2006
3 Application of Mathematics in Day to Day life Dr. Mary Metilda, Maharajas College, EKM Aug 18, 2006
4 Inventions and Inventors in world Mathematics Dr. A. Vijayakumar, CUSAT Dec 19, 2006
5 Applications of Mathematics in Architecture Dr. M. Jathavedan, CUSAT Aug 16, 2007
6 Fundamentals of Real Analysis and Geometry Dr. A. M. Mathai, CMS. TVM Sept 12, 2007
7 Applications of Fuzzy  Set Theory Dr. T. Thrivikraman, CUSAT Sept. 12, 2007
8 3 D – Continuity and Differentiability Dr. Sunny Kurikose, UC College, Aluva Jan 14, 2008
9 Different interesting problems in Graph Theory Mrs. Aparna Lakshmanan, St. Xaviers College, Aluva Aug 19, 2008
10 Some concepts in Geometry and their Applications in Real life Dr. V. Ramachandran, CUSAT Aug 25, 2009
11 Introduction to Wavelet Analysis Dr. M. N. N. Namboothiri, CUSAT Oct 11, 2009
12 Introduction to Fractals Dr. Vinod Kumar P. V., Rajagiri Feb 3, 2010
13 Significance of learning Mathematics Dr. Sr. Thressiamma T. K., Former HOD, BMC Sept.10, 2010
14 Some Remarkable Numbers Dr. Vinod Kumar P. V., RASET Nov 12, 2010
15 Fuzzy Sets and its Applications Dr. K. V. Thomas, BMC Nov 12, 2010
16 Ramanujan Number and Ramanujan’s contributions in Mathematics Prof. Neelakanta Sharma, St. Paul’s College, Kalamassery July 17, 2011
17 Add on Course in Windows, MS Office & Internet Sri. Shaju P. M, Aluva 5 Saturdays in Feb-Mar, 2012
18 Some Mathematical Experiments Dr. Valentine D’ Cruze July 14, 2012
19 Morphology & Image Processing Dr. RamKumar, RASET Jan 23, 2013
20 History of Mathematics Dr. N. Hitha, HOD, Maharajas College, EKM 11th Dec 2014
21 Applications of Real Numbers Dr. Edwin Thomson, St. Albert College, EKM 8th Dec 2015
22 Some  Mathematical Puzzles Dr. K. P. Jose, St. Peters College, Kolenchery 29th Aug , 2016

Inter- Collegiate Competition

  1. Athira C. S. got ‘A’ Grade for Malayalam Recitation competition in M G university Youth Festival 2015-’16.
  2. Maria James & Anjaly Mohanan won 1st Prize for Mathematics Quiz Competition “Tantra”2015-‘16 at St.Xavier’s College, Aluva.
  3. Mariya James won 2nd prize for Smart city Tagline Competition conducted by Malayala Manorama in 2015-’16.
  4. Mariya James won 1st prize for Power point presentation in “Tantra”2015-‘16 at St.Xavier’s College, Aluva.
  5. Shameema Farhath P.K & team, students of Mathematics Dept. won 1st   prize  in “Eastern group song “ competition conducted by Jt Pac at choice school on 7th August 2016.
  6. Neelima A. George won Individual Women’s Chess Championship of M. G. University, Kottayam.
  7. Maria James won 1st prize in painting competition & 3rd prize in Elocution(English) competition conducted by Dept. of Zoology, St. Teresa’s college, EKM. on 22nd2016
  8. Maria James won 1st place in painting competition conducted by St. Xavier’s college of women, Aluva on 23rd 2016.
  9. Akhil Shibu was one among three students from Kerala who successfully completed NCC PARA BASIC-52 course at PARATROOPERS TRAINING SCHOOL of Indian Air Force, Agra. Nov. 2016.

Inter- Departmental Competition

  1. Mariya James of III BSc. Mathematics won third prize in Essay writing competition conducted by BBA department. The topic was ‘Chandragrammathil vyavasayam’.
  2. Mariya James (3rd D C Maths.) won 1st prize in Hindi speech competition conducted by Hindi Dept.
  3. Mariya James won 1st prize in Pencil drawing & Collage Competitions conducted by B.Com. T&T Dept.
  4. Anjaly Mohanan (3rd D C Maths.) won 1st prize in the competition “Best out of waste” conducted by B.Com. T&T Dept.
  5. . Mariya James won 2nd prize in Essay writing Competition held by IT Club.
  6. Nikhila Baby (2nd D C Maths.) won 3rd prize in Mock Press competition held by English Dept.
  7. Shameema & team won 2nd prize in “Marian Devotional Group Song” conducted by AICUF.
  8. Mariya James & team won 1st prize in the competition “Installation” – Bitty Biennale by B. Com
  9. Arsha K. (3rd D C Maths.) won 3rd prize in “ Photography competition” conducted by Media film & Photography club.
The research Centre in Mathematics under Mahatma Gandhi University was started on May 2006. The centre was inaugurated by Dr T.T. Thrivikraman, Professor & Head of Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. The Centre conducts course work for the PhD programme. The scholars periodically present the research work in a seminar in the presence of the faculty members, research guides and an external expert. Based on this the progress of the research work of the scholars are monitored and periodically submitted to the university. The centre also conducts pre-submission seminar of the research work done by each scholar before submitting the PhD synopsis to the University. The centre co-ordinator was Dr. M.V. Rosa during the period 2006-2014 and w.e.f 2015 the co-ordinaror is Dr. K.V. Thomas.
S.I.No. Research Guides Number of Research Students Number of PhD Awarded
1 Dr. M V Rosa ,Associate Professor 2 1
2 Dr. Paul Isaac Associate Professor 7 2
3 Dr. K.V. Thomas Associate Professor 5 2
S.I. No Name of Research Scholar  Name of Research Guide Thesis Title Date of Award
1 Latha S Nair Dr. K.V. Thomas Application of Fuzzy Sets in Lattice Theory 20-09-2012
2 Lissy Jacob Dr. M.V.  Rosa A study on invariants in fuzzy convexity theory 17-01-2013
3 Pearly P John Dr. Paul Isaac Some Applications of Intitutionstic fuzzy sets and soft sets in module theory 21-10-2015
4 K. Meena Dr. K.V. Thomas   Application of Intitutionistic fuzzy set in ring   28-02-2015
5 Neelima C.A.   Dr. Paul Isa ac Some Application of Fuzzy set theory in Algebra 28 05-2016


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