Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics started functioning from the very inception of the college. Degree Course in Mathematics started on July 18th 1978 with a sanctioned strength of 36 students. PG Course in Mathematics started in the year 1995 and the department got promoted to a Research Centre in 2006.The various programmes of the department aims at developing the mathematical skills in students and thereby enabling them to acquire fluency and accuracy in elementary calculation, ability to reason clearly and critically,within a mathematical context.

Strengths and Achievements

There are 7 permanent faculty members in the Department of which all  are Ph.D holders and 3 are M Phil holders. The faculty has successfully completed 9 minor projects funded by UGC. To our great reputation there are 87 research publications by the faculty members in national/international journals. Thrust area of the research is Fuzzy Algebra, Fuzzy Topology, Graph Theory and Fluid Dynamics.


Methodology of teaching learning

  • Completes the syllabus in time by taking special classes.
  • Remedial coaching for weak students and advance coaching for outstanding students are given regularly.
  • Discussion of the students in small groups in the presence of teachers.
  • Enrichment programme by faculty members once in a semester.
  • Seminars are taken by students , both UG and PG.
  • For each Module the P G students have internal examination and if time permits. there will be model examination( That is 4 Exams per paper).
  • Regular assignments and periodical test papers.
  • Giving class notes prepared by faculty members.
  • Giving previous years question papers analysis.

What makes us Unique?

  • Family upliftment Programme: Identified 10 deserving poor families and give monthly support for their daily needs like grocery, rice etc.
  • The teachers sponsor the whole expense of the study of financially weak students of the Department.
  • Established a Cash prize of Rs. 2500 for the best outgoing student of the Department.
  • Research Department with three Research Guides and 14 Ph D Students.
  • 100% of Faculty members are Ph D Holders (7/7). 3 of them posses M Phil.
  • Continuously maintain a personal relationship between the teachers and the students and also a cordial relationship with old students. As a result old students gather here batch wise and visit the Department personally when they come for holidays.
  • To strengthen the cordial relationship among the faculty members we conduct department one day tour every year.
  • The faculty who is the class in charge of the first year will continue till final year. It helps the teacher to know them in person and provide timely guidance so that they may be enriched in their studies as well as high morale. Through this we are able to reach out their family also.
  • As a part of giving due importance to research, UGC Minor Projects are under taken by the faculty members and 9 Minor Research Projects were completed and Each student of PG and UG submit a project report.
  • Faculty members play an important role in the smooth running of college activities by shouldering the responsibilities like Additional Chief Superintend of University examinations, the college-Admission in charge, NAAC Coordinator, IQAC Coordinator, UGC Coordinator, Campus Ministry Secretary, Preparation of the salary arrears bill, income tax return etc.

Courses offered:

  • B.Sc Mathematics (Model I)
  • Core : Mathematics
  • Complementary I: Statistics
  • Complementary II: Physics
  • Choice Based Course: Topology
  • Open course: Applicable Mathematics
  • Add-on Course :Diploma in Financial Accounting with Tally
  • M Sc Mathematics
  • Ph.D Mathematics

Faculty Profile

Dr. Rosa M. V.

M. Sc, Ph.D.


Associate Professor
M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D


Associate Professor
M.Sc, M Phil, M Ed, Ph.D

Dr. Pearly P. John

Assistant Professor
M. Sc., B.Ed., Ph. D.

Dr. Paul Isaac

Associate Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

Dr. K. V. Thomas

Associate Professor
MSc, Ph.D

Dr.Thomas Joseph

Associate Professor
M. Sc., Ph. D.


Mathematics Association is vibrant and excels in their activities. Usually second year students are in charge of the Association. The Association Secretary is from 2nd D C Mathematics and Association in charge is the Teacher in charge of these students.Theprogrammes are planned in the beginning by the Executive Committee and executed in proper time under the guidance of the Teacher in Charge. The following programmes are conducted

  • Welcome to the first year students
  • Congratulating the A+ and A  holders
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Arrange classes by eminent Mathematicians
  • Onam celebrations with programmes and Sadhya
  • Visiting and giving financial assistance to differentially abled group, poor homes and such institutions
  • Manuscript Magazine by students in every year.
  • Celebrating National mathematics day ( 22-12-2016) by conducting Mathematics fest for students with inter departmental competitions, Intercollegiate mathematics Quiz etc.
  • Celebrating Christmas with gift exchange to X‘mas friend selected in the presence of teachers, cake cutting, Making X’mas crib, Carol singing etc.
  • Arrange farewell programmeto the outgoing students.
  • Winners with remarkable achievements are acknowledged and honoured.


Sl. No Topic Name of the Expert Date
1 Some  Mathematical Puzzles Dr. K. P. Jose, St. Peters College, Kolenchery 29th Aug , 2016
2 History of Mathematics Dr. N. Hitha, HOD, Maharajas College, EKM 11th Dec 2014
3 Applications of Real Numbers Dr. Edwin Thomson, St. Albert College, EKM 8th Dec 2015



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