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  • Ph. D Chemistry


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The Department of Chemistry started functioning from the very inception of the college. Prof. Kurias J Kadavan was the illustrious founder member of the department who became the Head of the Department of Chemistry in 1965. The degree course in Chemistry was started in 1982. In the year 1999, M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry was started in the department.

Now there are 8 teachers in the department out of which 4 have Ph.D and one with M.Phil in Nano Science and Nanotechnology. There are 134 students studying in the department for both undergraduate and post graduate courses. About   six students are working for their Ph.D degree in our Research centre.

The department has a well equipped library with around 1100 books with several National and International journals, which meet the needs of the students and the teaching staff. The chemistry Association working under the department is very active. It arranges talks by eminent persons working in various areas of chemistry at regular intervals.


  1. Mary Joseph M.Sc. Ph.D., Associate Professor & HoD
  2. Shiny Palatty M.Sc. Ph.D., Associate Professor. & Vice principal
  3. Litty Sebastian, M.Sc. Ph.D., Assistant Professor.
  4. Sindhu Joseph, M.Sc., B.Ed., Assistant Professor.
  5. Anu K John, M.Sc., M.Phil, Assistant Professor
  6. Baiju K.P, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
  7. Divya Jose, M.Sc., B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  8. Jinsa Mary Jacob, M.Sc. Ph.D., Assistant Professor


  1. K.A. Devassykutty
  2. Mr. Shalu V.T
  • Provide suitable curricular and extracurricular support to students through advanced  coaching ,remedial programmes, mentoring, tutoring etc.,
  • Focus on research and academics and innovative teaching methods to facilitate employability
  • A well-equipped library with around 1100 books with several National and International journals.
  • Approved research centre with Highest number of publications
  • A set of highly dedicated teaching faculty
  • Three major projects and four minor projects successfully completed in the department.
  • Best teacher award for Dr. Shiny Palaty in 2014.
  • Lecture on Nobel prize in Chemistry every year.
  • A herbal garden with about 40 varieties of rare and endangered species of medicinal plants.
  • UGC sponsored career oriented course - Food processing and preservation.
  • Every year the department is publishing a manuscript magazine ‘ALCHEMI’ to encourage & develop the scientific skills and literary talents of the UG and PG students of the department.
  • Faculties of the department regularly attending seminars and workshops in different areas of the subject.
  • Industrial and lab visits
  • Conducts quizzes for students based on their syllabus
  • Wall magazines are posted by students on contemporary and relevant topics in Chemistry
  • Students of the department regularly attending seminars and workshops on the subject.
  • In house Project works of students are carried out in our own Research Centre and the resultant papers are presented and published in reputed journals.
Chemistry Association is very active in the department regularly conducting seminars and talks by eminent resource persons
• Research activities are gaining increased importance in the field of higher education. Published research papers are a true measure of the effectiveness of research activities. Department of Chemistry, Bharata Mata College is proud to have as many as 40 published papers by its faculty members, in various International and National Journals. Recognized Research Centre under M.G.University
  1. shiny Palaty
Area of specialization/ Research Interests:-
  • Polymer Chemistry & Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Low Temperature Vulcanisation of Rubbers, Room temperature prevulcanization of NR latex,  Development of protein free nitrile gloves, Conducting polymer composites, biodegradable nano cellulose composites and nano metal oxides for self cleaning of clothes
  1. Dileesh S ( St. Peters College, Kolencherry)
Area of specialization/ Research Interests:-
  • Photosynthesis, Organic synthesis


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