Department of Botany

Courses offered

  • B.Sc. Botany Model I


About us

Degree course in Botany started on July 28th 1970, sanctioned strength of students is 36. Four faculty members are working in the department. Two of them are PhD degree holders and all are actively engaged in academic, extension and outreach programmes.

Three year U.G course is offered by the department with agribusiness as the elective paper.  The department also offers Botany complementary course for Zoology students. In addition to this an open course on Agribased Microenterprises is also conducting to the students of other departments.  The department has two laboratories and a library enriched with around 2300 books which includes recent books and latest editions. Total number of present students is 116.


  1. Short term workshop for vocational higher secondary students on horticulture, landscaping, flower arrangements etc
  2. Hands on training for Botany students of the college on terrarium, flower arrangements, bonsai etc
  3. Hands on training for Botany students of the college on preparation of vegetable seedlings using innovative techniques.
  4. Free distribution of vegetable seedlings, mango saplings for the college community
  5. Vegetable cultivation in the campus premises.
  6. Willingness to work hard, good rapport with students, unity among the faculty members
  • Lecturing
  • Power point presentation
  • Board & pen
  • Spontaneous class tests
  • Routine Test papers
  • Botany association- Inauguration with a talk by an expert
  • A manuscript magazine ’ Cosmos’
  • Workshop and hands on training on Botany related topics, to promote entrepreneurship among students.
  • Specific programmes on World Environment day
University third rank with A+ – 2015


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