Bharata Mata Old Students’ Association (BOSA)

Bharata Mata Old Students’ Association (BOSA)

BOSA, the official Alumni Association of the college is the bridge that connects former students to their Alma Mater. BOSA was officially christened on 26 January, 1998 in the college auditorium and decision was taken to celebrate alumni day on 26 January every year. BOSA supports the academic and non-academic activities of the college. The Alumni contributes to the development of the college by conducting seminars, lectures, career guidance etc.It also attempts to lend a helping hand through placement service and enables the students to find better job opportunities. The organisation has a membership of around 5000 students who occupy important positions in various walks of life. In addition to BOSA, each department has a strong department alumni unit which develops and sustains strong ties with each other, the department and the college.

President :Dr.Aype Thomas (Principal)

Secretary :Mr.Jortin Antony ( Alumnus)Mob: 9895257777

Treasurer:- C.A Joseph Joy Puthussery


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