Bharata Mata Old Students’ Association (BOSA)

BOSA is the official Alumni Association of the college. Students passing out of the college can maintain their link with the Alma Mater by becoming members of BOSA. The annual get-together of BOSA is held on the afternoon of 26th January (Repubilc Day) in the college auditorium. The Principal is the President of the organization. and a former student Is the Secretary The executive committee consists of former and present teachers as well as elected old students. BOSA contributes to the development of the college by conducting seminars, lectures, career guidance etc. The organisation has a membership of around 5000 students who occupy important positions in various walks of life. In addition to BOSA each department has a strong department alumni unit.

President : BOSA (Principal)

Secretary : Adv. T.R. Renjith, Mob: 9847053999

Treasurer : Prof. K.O. Peter


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