All India Catholic University Federation

All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of University students and is indicated by the abbreviation AICUF. AICUF structure is geared to ensure its mass students’ movement character. The AICUF functions at the national, state, regional and unit levels. The state is the primary decision making body in AICUF. The various states are linked at the national level as members of the federation. AICUF stands for service and liberation of all human persons irrespective of caste, sex, language or belief. AICUF enables students to cultivate a genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalised, to effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new and just society by motivating them. It also enables them to evolve spiritually through involvement and reflection. The unit of AICUF at Bharata Mata College strives to work according to the preamble of AICUF to meet the aims and objectives specified by nurturing the students to become better human beings. The AICUF membership is open to all students who share the ideals of the movement as enshrined in the constitution. Every member is entitled to participate in all the decision making activities of the unit.


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